Brett Rypien the next Tom Brady? The way he plays that's certainly not out of the realm of possibility but to say it out loud is quite another.

Now in all fairness the broadcast crew calling the Boise State-Wyoming game only said that Rypien reminded them of a Tom Brady but that is some high praise.

Rypien threw for more than 300 yards and his two touchdown passes were pin point accurate. It certainly helped that A.J Richardson made a one handed grab but none the less the throw was perfectly placed as Rypien was on target and in rhythm.

As it became clear Wyoming wouldn't mount a comeback the booth talk turned to Rypien and if he could play in the NFL.

Indeed he can claimed the announce crew as they compared him to Tom Brady.

Of course the announcers also called Brett, Mark Rypien, his Super Bowl champion uncle so everything seemed to be balanced by the end of the night.

For now Rypien and the Broncos are just happy to be 1-0 in Mountain West play and 3-1 after a September that included three road games.

This Saturdays game with San Diego State on the blue is just the second in five games and the 1:30 p.m. kickoff is an added bonus to finally being home again in 2018.



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