At the start of the college football season I wrote a blog concerning Boise States long football road in September and whether or not they could survive the month with a better than 500 record.

Three of the four bronco games in September, Troy, Oklahoma State and Wyoming meant the Broncos might be best to keep their bags packed.

Troy turned out to be an impressive win over a team that beat LSU last year and Nebraska this year. Say what you want, Nebraska is 0-3 but the Trojans played the Huskers in Lincoln and that's an impressive win.

One road week down and BSU 1-0. A blowout versus UCONN and BSU was 2-0 but Oklahoma State was too much in Stillwater and Boise State is now 2-1.

Wyoming has only beaten Boise State once in twelve showdowns and that was two years ago, the last time BSU made a trip to Laramie. Last season on the blue Boise State beat the Cowboys 21-14 in an uncomfortably close game.

The Cowboys, like BSU enjoyed a bye week and that allowed them two weeks to prepare for Boise State and with home field advantage that's concerning if you are the Broncos.

A Wyoming victory would leave BSU 2-2 for September. Given the schedule that might be acceptable for teams not Boise State. A win and a 3-1 record would answer with a positive yes that Boise State did survive September.

By the way, the only back to back BSU home games this year are BYU November 2 and Fresno State November 9th with road trips yet to come at Nevada, Air Force and New Mexico.


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