Dan Patrick ran an informal poll of listeners this morning on his 630 The Fan radio show asking whether they preferred the college or NFL overtime format.

The result was 80% in favor of the college format!

In college each team gets the ball at least once from the 25 yards line with the chance to score.

In the NFL they play an extra period with the flip of a coin deciding who gets the ball first. If that team scores a touchdown, it's game over. A field goal gives the other team a chance to tie or score a touchdown to win.

The NFL format has resulted in two ties this year but also some exciting finishes as witnessed yesterday with Houston beating the Colts 37-34 in OT and Oakland over the Browns 45-42 in OT.

The college format continues back and forth until there is a winner, sometimes resulting in multiple possession and with teams having to go for a two point conversion starting with the third overtime.

College games will never end in a tie unlike the NFL and it seems fans, at least those who listen to Dan Patrick every Monday-Friday morning on Sports Radio 630 The Fan, would prefer a loss over a tie after watching football for nearly four hours!

I for one agree with Patrick's listeners, the college overtime format is fair and it's exciting. The two formats so opposite of each other that in college the winner of the OT coin toss always goes on defense while in the NFL they always take the ball!

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