When I pulled up to Taco Bell arena today there were Brad Paisley trucks everywhere. The country western singing star will perform tonight but he wasn't the only cowboy on campus. Boise State basketball coach Leon Rice showed up decked out in a cowboy hat, boots, vest and even chaps! Rice was in total uniform to fulfill a promise to ride across campus on horseback if fans filled the stadium for tomorrows showdown with UNLV. The game was sold out yesterday so coach Rice mounted his trusty steed and headed across campus. Once his horse tried to run but coach held on saying that's the way his team plays and said Max can play for him any day. Rice told a crowd of reporters afterwards he had a stunt idea to fill the stands for the Nevada game February 14th but claims right now it's top secret. For the time being Rice invited everyone to come along for the ride on a basketball season that hasn't been equaled in 30 years. at 18-4 and 8-2 in league this is Boise States best start since the late 80's. He thanked the fans and said they'll be needed tomorrow night to make some noise when UNLV takes the court.

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