Did you know that one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life? It's a tragic statistic, but it doesn't need to be. Early diagnosis is key! The five year survival rate for patients who are diagnosed early is 98% and that all begins with regular mammogram screenings.

Idaho is at the back of the pack, ranking 48th place in the nation for regular mammogram screenings. But Komen is ready to change all of that.

Komen is celebrating their 20th Race for the Cure this year with 75% of the race fees staying right here in Idaho helping to provide screenings, diagnostics and patient assistance programs like helping moms finding child care during treatments, and providing gas to women needing to travel for treatment.

To kick off their Komen Race for the Cure signups, they're offering $20 sign ups for the first twenty days. That means, $15 of your signup fee will directly go towards helping Idaho men and women receive the screening, help and diagnostics that they need to kiss cancer goodbye.

The 20th annual Race for the Cure 5k will take place on Parkcenter Blvd. on Saturday, May 12th. You have until late April to sign up, but the best deal is still now through February 20th when registration is only $20.

Find a team and sign up for the Komen Race for the Cure HERE. 

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