Boise State is preparing for a major season opener: a road game in SEC territory against Florida State University. We at 103.5 KISS FM are lucky enough to be really close to Albertsons Stadium over on Broadway and along with being able to hear the Garth Brooks concert perfectly just a few weeks ago, we can also hear the band AND the football team warming up and getting ready for the season on the blue.

Football season is about to be in the air here in the Treasure Valley and with a team as reputable as Boise State right here in our backyard, it's tough for that energy to not be contagious!

Along with the town anticipating the season to begin, so too are the critics, pundits, and "professionals". With their excitement come the expectations and rankings. Yes, the NCAA has released their rankings and yes, Boise State is in the mix. Barely.

The boys in blue are coming in right on the edge of the rankings: they are #25. What does this mean for the rest of the season? Well a loss in Florida could mean we don't see them back in the mix for quite a while. A win probably means we'll be on our way to positing for a major bowl game. No pressure, right?

See the complete rankings, HERE.

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