The Idaho high school football playoffs are simply too crowded. Twelve teams made the 5A playoffs when only eight really deserve to be there.

Madison at 3-6, Lake City at 4-5 and even Capital and Timberline both 5-4 should be done for the season and not playing playoff games tonight.

Obviously 3 and even 4 wins in 9 games seems hardly enough success to be playoff bound. A winning record at least, preferably six wins should be the threshold for a playoff team.

In the case of Capital at 5-4, their loss to Eagle on the last night of the regular season should have eliminated the Eagles rather than earning them a rematch with the Mustangs tonight. While it was a great season for the Timber-wolves the reality is 5-4 shouldn't be playoff worthy.

That being said, the 5A playoffs would have 8 not 12 teams and eliminate an entire round of play ending the season November 15 not the 22nd.

The eight teams would be Rocky Mountain, Mountain View, Highland, Borah, Post Falls, Eagle, Coeur d A'lene and Rigby.  Their records range from 6-3 to 9-0.

Then, for maximum financial benefits first round games should be played regionally, better crowds, less travel expenses.

For instance, my first round given the above criteria would be:

Rigby 7-1 vs. Highland 6-3

Rocky Mountain 9-0 vs. Eagle 6-3

Borah 7-2 vs. Mountain View 7-2

Coeur d A'lene 7-2 vs. Post Falls 6-3

The same can be said for other classifications: Canyon Ridge in 4A is 3-6, in 3A Fruitand and Teton both have just 4 wins, Kellogg only 3.

In 2A, five teams are 4-4 and Malad is 3-6, all playoff bound.

If it means having just four teams and two rounds then so be it. For instance in 2A why not pair:

North Fremont 8-0 vs Bear lake 6-2

MaCall-Donnelly 8-0 vs Westside 7-1

Yes, there are a couple of 5-3 teams you could add to the 2A playoffs for an 8 team field but why 16 when six of those teams are 4-4 or worse.

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