Hint: it's not a potato peeler.

Mankinis (male bikinis), zombie survival kits, Gucci fanny packs, these are just some of the most purchased items online in different states. But what are people in Idaho shopping around for?

According to Estately Blog, the most popular item searched for on Google shopping is: Shamwow!

Some of the other top searches included: NERF Blaster,Fez, metal detector, glass pipe, smoked turkey, trucker hat, surfboard.

Here are what our neighbors are searching for:

Washington: Clam Gun --- what's a clam gun?

Oregon: Homebrew supplies --- Oregon knows how to party

Nevada: Magic Tricks --- Well that kinda makes sense.

Montana: Composting toilet --- they like to live off the grid up there.

Wyoming: Bulk ammo --- they're stocking up

Utah: Unicycle --- that makes no sense.

CLICK HERE for a full list of all the state's most frequent searches.

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