As long as I've been covering Boise State gymnastics and that dates back to 1982, the Bronco Gymnastics team has been blessed with superstars. Every year it seems at least one Boise State gymnast would represent the school in the NCAA Championships but never the entire team.

Could this be the year? Boise State is ranked #11 in the country and has been in the top 10 at times. The Broncos are headed to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend for the NCAA regionals were they'll be a #2 seed. Nebraska is the top seed. By the way the #2 seed is yet another first for Boise State gymnastics.

36 teams will be competing in six regional meets this weekend (6 at each regional) with the top two teams from each regional advancing to the NCAA Championships. As always, individual gymnasts will punch their ticket to the NCAA as well and that's what Boise State has done in the past. The goal this year is to compete in the NCAA as a team.

What makes this team different than those in the past is talent top to bottom. All season the Broncos have set or broken school scoring records. Those scores when averaged out over the year determined the top 10 rankings.

With that in mind the 11th ranked Broncos are within striking distance of making it to the NCAA championships as a team. Twelve teams will make it to nationals, if Boise State can score at least their season average they will make history as the first Boise State gymnastics squad to compete at the NCAA Championships as a team rather than selected individuals.

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