The early birds of college football preseason rankings are out and USA Today says Boise State is number 16. USA Today likes the fact that Brett Rypien will begin his third year as Boise States quarterback but that's pretty much the extent or their reasoning for the lofty pre-season ranking.

Boise State doesn't even conclude spring football until April 8th and while I've always contended that spring football isn't about the fans, it's about the players and coaches and otherwise really doesn't mean anything, at least the rankers could wait until they see if the BSU first team offense can move the ball against it's own first team defense.

If 2016 is any measure of BSU's potential success in 2017 it's a pretty scary ruler. The Broncos went 3-3 in their final 6 games and currently ride a two game losing skid. Okay I know Boise State won 10 games but I don't believe they finished strong enough to warrant a pre-season #16 pick. Obviously that's just one poll and there are many more to come that might not have the Broncos in the top 25. If so I'm sure that will be okay with head coach Bryan Harsin who hasn't won a division title since 2014 his first season as head coach. In Boise State football terms, that's an eon ago!

The pollsters say BSU has a favorable schedule but I just don't see it. At Washington State, at BYU, at San Diego State, at Utah State, none of those are gimmies.

That's the thing about college football these days, there's always something to chew on!


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