We've got some good ones in Idaho.  The Orofino Maniacs have gained some attention for being odd, and the Shelby High Russets usually get noticed for capitalizing on our love for the spud. And those Idaho Vandals...well, the Vandal is a Viking, but the mascot name can sound a lil criminal.

Vote here for the weirdest mascot in Idaho.

The mascot at my high school back in Nebraska was the Pirate, and we always liked it because it wasn't too common and it was still kinda fierce.

Tigers, Cowboys, Bulldogs, Cardinals, Eagles, Rams, Knights, Panthers, and Bears  are some of the most common across the country, and that doesn't make them bad choices.  It just makes them, well...common.  The most popular mascot name in Idaho is the Tigers, followed by the Trojans, Bulldogs, and Huskies.

Strange can be good, and it all comes down to school pride anyway.  If there's a mascot that cracks you up, shows exceptional pride, or does a great job of exhibiting the core values of the school, show them some love with us on social media.

Braves?  Bulldogs?  Yellow Jackets?   Let us know.

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