The students allegedly tied Junior Varsity students to a fence and shocked them with a dog collar.

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According to, the incident took place after the Junior Varsity game this past Thursday at an island in New Plymouth, where "varsity players restrained three JV players — ages 14 and 15 — drove them to an island in New Plymouth, tied them to a fence and shocked one of them" with a dog collar. 11 members of the varsity team at Fruitland High School are allegedly associated with this hazing event. The Payette County Sheriff's Department is conducting the investigation and at this point it's ongoing, and none of the football players have been charged. also shared that "Fruitland Superintendent Lyle Bayley said on Monday morning that the district is working with law enforcement as they investigate the case. Varsity players involved in the investigation were not allowed to play in Friday night’s football game, where the Fruitland Grizzlies fell 27-14 to Payette High School, Bayley said" so it's evident that this event did not help the team in any way and the lack of available players may have led to the team's defeat, a lesson that these students will hopefully learn swiftly.

This isn't the first time the Fruitland High School athletics department as been under the spotlight. At one point the former basketball coach/school principal was charged with "sexual battery of a school coworker" but was later acquitted of those charges. As for the current issue involving hazing, there has been no indication of what the punishment will be if these students are found guilty.

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