Hey Boise, Did you Feel That Earthquake?
The quakes epicenter was in central Idaho, about 11 miles northwest of Stanley and was the area strongest earthquake this year. It reached us here in Boise about a quarter after 10pm, about the same time as the end of the Boise State football team's loss to Oklahoma State at Albertsons Stadium.
My Family and I Just Had COVID, Here is Our Experience
This post is in no way a political post, nor is it trying to sway anyone one way or another on getting the vaccine. This is simply a true telling of me and my families experience of what we went through having COVID-19. We are all ok now, and while it was close at one point, none of us had to go to…
What is the Most Mispronounced Place in Idaho?
Take a guess at Idaho's top mispronounced place. We think people get Boise wrong a lot. Saying Boy-Z instead of Boy-see. Simple yet very irritating mistake. Think about Idaho words that are way harder than Boise. One Idaho town made #5 in the U.S. of the most mispronounced town name.

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