Just when you thought Nic Pizzolatto might have formally lain True Detective to rest, in comes Deadwood riding to the rescue. Reports indicate that Season 3 of HBO’s once-revered anthology series is in development at last, shepherded by none other than Deadwood boss David Milch.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Milch is “coming on board to work with Pizzolatto,” who is said to have written two new episodes for a prospective third True Detective season. For the moment at least, HBO has issued no official Season 3 order, and there’s no promise Milch would act as showrunner in Pizzolatto’s stead.

Pizzolatto maintains an overall development deal at HBO, which was most recently said to take the shape of a Perry Mason series with Robert Downey Jr. producing and starring. It’s likely that True Detective Season 3 could move forward without Pizzolatto’s direct involvement, though interest in a third series seemed to cool after some of HBO’s higher profile failures.

It’s early yet, but could David Milch help steer the True Detective franchise back on course? Who should helm a third season, if not Milch or Pizzolatto?

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