The Ada County Sheriffs Office is reporting this afternoon that shots have been fired near a Treasure Valley Neighborhood.

This is a developing situation, but details that we know about so far are that while serving a warrant in the 9900 block of West Granger Avenue there was an exchange of gunfire. One individual has been taken to an unknown hospital with yet unknown injuries. We can't say yet whether the person shot pedestrian or the suspect that the warrant was being served to. What we do know is that the Ada County Sheriff's office has released a statement saying that their officers have not been injured. Our news partners KTVB Channel 7 broke the news around 1 pm this afternoon and have said that while on scene they observed the Critical Incident, Task Force. The Sheriff's office just tweeted this:



We will continue to keep an eye on what's going on and we are really hoping that everyone involved is going to be okay.



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