Former Boise State standout Shea McClellin of Marsing, Idaho and the New England Patriots was the lead leaper during the 2016 NFL season. He blocked two kicks during the regular season and made the Super Bowl highlight reel with his leap against Atlanta. McClellin was penalized on the play.

McClellin is not a happy camper following the NFL's decision to ban leaping over the center to try and block field goals and extra points. However, other than Shea being upset the new rule was pretty much a slam dunk and passed unanimously with even the players association saying they didn't like the play..

The NFL has also decided to make replay decisions from the head office in New York rather than having an official go "under the hood."

The NFL made permanent the rule disqualifying a player who is penalized twice in a game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The NFL also decided to further discussions with the players about loosening restrictions in regards to on field celebrations.


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