In the movie "Field of Dreams" Kevin Costner had to build it before they came. Apparently it doesn't have to work that way for the Boise Hawks who will host the 2019 NW League All-Star game at the current Memorial Stadium rather than a new shiny stadium in Boise.

Hawks officials hope getting the All Star game will build momentum for a new stadium and are confident Memorial Stadium can handle the event in 2019.

Ironically not many folks were aware that this years All-Star game was played Tuesday in Grand Junction, Colorado with the Pioneer League beating the NW League 13-10.

While nearly 5,000 attended the game, the outcome was kept a secret by most media outlets who simply failed to report the score.

So the question becomes, how big a deal can it be to host the game? A pretty big deal if you look at it from an investment in the sports infrastructure of Boise. A new baseball stadium could also mean a minor league soccer team and other sports benefits for the Boise market.

Either way being able to get the game is a plus for the Hawks ownership which has increased attendance this year by 40%.

The latest on the site for a new stadium is the area near Whitewater Park and Main.


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