Try to say this three times fast...A Fly Fishing Fair and Fish-fest!

It's not just any ordinary fish-fest it's an International event with more than 1,000 fly fisherman (people) attending through August 11th.

Most of the event will be held at the Boise Centre downtown but you better believe there'll be a few trips to the Boise River to explore this urban trout fishing treasure.

It wasn't always that way. The Boise River was once the second most polluted in Idaho. Now it's crystal clear and brimming with fish.

The effort to clean up the river has created a special bond only those who regularly use the greenbelt, float the river, fish, enjoy wildlife such as deer, eagle otter and so much more, can truly understand.

The need to protect this valuable resource is so strong even newcomers quickly learn to respect the Boise River and it's meaning to the entire Treasure Valley.

The Fly Fishers International group said Boise was a natural for their meeting because the river runs through it and because there are so many other quality trout streams and rivers nearby.

On the down side, it's another of those secrets we've been trying to keep for years and while some International recognition is nice I'm sure the big browns and rainbows would like to keep it a secret as well.

As a matter of fact, pretend you never saw this blog!

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