There was a little bit of everything for the race fan Saturday night at Meridian Speedway. Even a fire breathing Dragon in the infield.

There was competitive racing mingled with destruction and pure racing and crashing silliness.

That is what the "Eve of Destruction" is designed to accomplish as certain vehicles were destined to make it through the night without serious damage. The famous trailer races took their toll on the trailers, there was fire, there were collisions and there were more fireworks, as in real fireworks after the racing.

It's difficulty to describe the results from the destruction aspect of the night but just in case you are looking for the real race you go:

Meridian Speedway

Saturday’s Unofficial Results

Eve of Destruction10


Royal Purple Modifieds

Quick Time – Chris Fenton, 13.952 seconds A Heat Winner – #17 Marc Newman B Heat Winner - #87 Scott Gilligan

Main Event    1.         #23      Chris Fenton                           Meridian, ID

  1.         #96      Aubree Wartman                    Boise, ID
  2. #24      Neal Latham                           Nampa, ID
  3. #66      Eric Rhead                              Salt Lake City, UT
  4.         #7        Zach Telford                           Middleton, ID

Teleperformance Claimers

Quick Time – Patrick Tully, 15.327 seconds A Heat Winner – #19 Rich Lawson B Heat Winner - #03 Jamie Hyde

Main Event    1.         #67      Patrick Tully                           Caldwell, ID

  1.         #96      Taylor Occhipinti                   Nampa, ID
  2. #99      Kendra Occhipinti                  Nampa, ID
  3. #19      Rich Lawson                           Marsing, ID
  4.         #03      Jamie Hyde                             Boise, ID

Dominos Legends

Quick Time – Trevor Cristiani, 14.877 seconds A Heat Winner – #35 Caity Miller B Heat Winner - #6 Ken Frickey

Main Event    1.         #35      Caity Miller                            Boise, ID

  1.         #9        Donovan Barr                         Nampa, ID
  2. #25      Camren Madsen                     Boise, ID
  3. #17      Zach Telford                           Middleton, ID
  4.         #6        Ken Frickey                            Nampa, ID

Big Daddy’s Barbecue Hornets

A Heat Winner – #51 Jeff Matuska B Heat Winner - #11 Monica Heath

Main Event    1.         #39      James Pahl                              Caldwell, ID

  1.         #11      Monica Heath                         Caldwell, ID
  2. #4        Marc Burchtorf                       Boise, ID
  3. #10      Neil Wassmuth                       Nampa, ID
  4.         #60      Kevin Matuska                       Nampa, ID


A Heat Winner – #55 Jess Freeman B Heat Winner – #11 Monica Heath

Main Event    1.         #11      Monica Heath                         Caldwell, ID

  1.         #21      Wayne Torkelson                   Nampa, ID
  2. #16      Nick Durbin                            Meridian, ID
  3. #20      Chad Atnip                             Payette, ID
  4.         #55      Jess Freeman                          Boise, ID


Trailer Race Winner                                     #4        Pick Up Man              Kuna, ID

Tow Mater Backward Race Winner            #60      Kevin Matuska           Nampa, ID

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