Social media never stands still and now the social integration is "striking" Meridian Lanes "sparing" no bowler the chance to "split" between tradition and the world of social interaction bowling.

Meridian Lanes has been shutdown the past two weeks to install a new scoring system and a variety of social in-game options designed to put glitter, not gutter into your game!

Meridian Lanes will re-open Wednesday August 1st with a one of a kind in Idaho scoring system designed to enhance the overall experience and replaces the old system used since 1995.

Bowlers can also use the mounted touchpad screens to select game options like :"Angry Birds Bowling".

There is also PinPix which let's bowlers take their own pictures and then apply the wacky world of SnapChat. You can display your picture on newly installed large flat screen monitors. Yes indeed, bowling may never be the same!

Now as a bowler you have your choice to knock down as many pins as possible or launch your ball and blow up some piggies!

Honestly I don't even know what that means but I'm assured it'll make the customer experience all that much better.

I have to mention there's a renovated snack bar where the nachos come to you with a push of a button. Nacho's and Bowling now that I understand!

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