So I'm at a local eatery this morning, you know one of those where a pack of elderly gentleman gather for coffee and solve the worlds problems.

Tops of the list of problems today was the confusion over where a new baseball stadium would be built to house the Boise Hawks. Or, that the Hawks really need a new stadium?

Like "Field of Dreams", developers believe if they build a new stadium they will come. They not only being fans but also minor league soccer players, youth sports and festivals.

The current Memorial Hawks stadium is showing it's age and really isn't a multi purposed facility for todays multi tasking world...on that most agree, it's the location of a new stadium that has hit some bumps.

The latest talk now is that Atlanta developer Chris Schoen likes the area near Main Street and Whitewater park in the west end of Boise.

Ironically, that's where I thought a new ball park should have been built all along. It's a beautiful area and with the improvements of the White Water park, the Esther Simplot park, the stadium would be a perfect neighbor and make the area a fun place to be.

The idea of building the stadium near Americana and Shoreline Drive never really took off but no one is sure how far that deal got. Everyone has an opinion on a new stadium and that diversity has thrown focus into chaos.

It's time to make a decision on location and when to build or not to build.

Meantime the Hawks will continue to use Memorial Stadium and in fact will be home Friday night to host Tri City. The Hawks lost 5-4 last night to Hillsboro in 10innings. It was the third game in four meetings this year the Hawks and Hops have gone extra innings.


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