With a price tag hovering close to $580,000, that would freak just about anyone out. That is what the city of Nampa projects it will cost for winter clean up this season, but let's be honest this is a necessary evil. And with more storms heading our way, the money is being put to use. 

#Snowpacolypse2017 has just been a mess. If you thought the snow and the cold weather was going to disappear with the last few days of somewhat decent weather, think again. The temps according to our News Partners KTVB are looking like snow is a coming..by the time we get to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday expect it. The city of Nampa says that with all the snow that has come this winter season the price tag for the clean up for Canyon County streets and side roads will be cost a pretty penny. A pretty penny meaning close to $580,000 bucks. YIKES.

Snow plow on the road

Before you start to freak..think about all the extra work that goes into making sure you can get to work in the nasty weather. There are only a few people who are responsible for the cleanup. The overtime numbers...1,095 hours. In January, Nampa contracted workers and purchased snow melting chemicals that totaled $581,526. Add on some sand, and road salt.  It may seem like a ton, but officials are saying that the extra costs will not cut into the cities budget and affect any other projects planned for the rest of the year. The Idaho Press Tribune breaks down the rest of the what the city has been and will continue to do with the money when it comes to clean up in the future.

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