Boise State basketball coach Leon Rice is always on the move. So much so he recently took to wearing a fit bit to log his steps.

Before I reveal his daily average for steps it's important to note that Coach Rice never stands still. When he does media interviews over the phone he covers most of the Boise State campus walking while talking and answering questions. At practice Coach Rice is always walking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...well you get the idea!

Then he has a workout regimen in which he runs and when that's done, it's off to walk the family dog. I have no doubt the team feeds off that energy. The Broncos were picked to finish 5th in the league this year and going into Wednesdays game against Nevada at Reno they are 10-4 and tied for the conference lead with the Pack.

Rice has won nearly 63% of his games while head coach of Boise State and that is the best in BSU history.

Saturday afternoon the Broncos scored just 36 points in the first half and trailed Wyoming. They scored 54 in the second half and beat the Cowboys. Who lit the fire? Obviously Coach Rice knows when and what to say to get folks motivated.

That includes himself and thus the Fit Bit experiment. What coach realized is he thought he was keeping the weight off because of the stress of the season. Now he thinks it's because he never stops moving.

25,000 steps on average everyday and counting. Coach Rice has always set the standard high, that's why his teams have won 20 or more each of the past four seasons and have 17 wins currently.

So next time you watch Boise State play basketball on TV, notice the Fit Bit on coaches left wrist and realize the Fit Bit is having a fit keeping up.

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