The thing I love most about football is the games unpredictability. College or high school you never know whats going to happen once they kickoff.

Last night the Rocky Mountain Grizzlies hosted the Borah Lions in the final game of the regular season for both teams. The Grizzlies came into the game 8-0 and number 1 in the state and as 5A SIC champions had earned a first round bye in the playoffs.

All that was left was for Rocky Mountain to beat Borah for an undefeated regular season. The Grizzlies took the field in all black uniforms with easy to read white numerals (by the way a big thank you that that from all veteran sportscasters) and it seemed Rocky Mountain had all the momentum.

Borah started the season on fire and then the injures hit. Not just any injuries mind you, season changing injuries. Quarterback Jake Standlee threw 12 touchdown passes before his first interception went down with an injured arm and the dominoes began to fall.

Ellis Magnason a great Borah wide receiver was moved to quarterback and then another receiver Chase Nett went down for the year. All of a sudden the Borah Lions potent offensive attack had the right pieces to the puzzle but they were all in the wrong spots.

Never the less Borah entered last nights game against Rocky Mountain having clinched a playoff spot but hoping for a monumental upset.

Late in the fourth quarter Rocky Mountain's lead was just 27-21 and Borah was driving. The Lions, as they had all year weren't about to give up. Grizzly fans were on edge, almost dead silent wondering if Borah could really pull this big of an upset.

Then came the game deciding play. From the Rocky 35 yard line Borah quarterback Eliis Magnason rolled to his right, nothing there so he cut back across the field and like the red sea the Rocky defense had parted and Magnason thought about running but instead went for the jugular and tossed the ball into the endzone.

Unfortunately, the reason there were no Grizzly defenders in front of Magnason was because they were all in the endzone, waiting to intercept his pass and effectively end the game.

Had Magnason run the worst scenario would have been first down Borah at the Rocky 15 yard line. Best case, he could have scored.

Rocky made a few first downs, took a knee from the victory formation and their 9-0 record was in the books.

An impressive undefeated regular season but just as impressive was Borah's patched together offense that nearly took down the SIC's 5A giant.

You just have to love football!

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