You can see it now, all that pretty holiday-themed paper you spent so many hours carefully wrapping around - getting shoved into a garbage bag.

Just, gone.

Well not anymore! There are some really great ways to recycle all that beautiful wrapping paper for some of your future projects. Here are my five favorite ideas:



  • Credit: Jeliva | ThinkStock
    Credit: Jeliva | ThinkStock

    Shredded Packaging Paper

    This is such a GREAT idea!! How many times have you been putting a gift in a box, or making some goodie bags and needed some filler fluff.

    Well here you go! Shred all the pretty paper into little strips and never run out of something to fluff the gift.

  • Credit: Nicole S. Young | ThinkStock
    Credit: Nicole S. Young | ThinkStock

    Decorating Tape

    Let's be real, if you have kids, that wrapping paper is going to be ripped to shreds, right?

    Well get the best pieces and cut them into strips. You can use these small pieces as decorating tape for other projects, or just sprucing up items around your home like vases, pencil holders, etc.

  • Credit: sssss1gmel | ThinkStock
    Credit: sssss1gmel | ThinkStock

    Custom Envelopes

    Think of all those Christmas cards heading off to your loved ones in your pretty custom envelopes.

    Just get an envelope and carefully unfold it, then trace the wrapping paper, fold, and glue the seams. Voila!

  • Credit: Andrew Lilley | ThinkStock
    Credit: Andrew Lilley | ThinkStock


    There are two types of people in the world. Those who use bookmarks and those who FOLD. THE. PAGE. CORNER.

    I'm the latter, but, if I had a pretty bookmark, I might use it. Take some sturdy cardstock paper and wrap it with your recycled wrapping paper to give it that holiday edge.

    *these make great custom gifts too :)

  • Credit: Nomadsoul1 | ThinkStock
    Credit: Nomadsoul1 | ThinkStock

    Give Clipboards a Facelift

    Think of your cubicle, does it need a little color?

    How about using some of your shiny wrapping paper to cover up that ugly corkboard and freshen up your space?

    Use some all-purpose spray adhesive, stick it on and cut the excess, and you're done!

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