The old school-esque game is a blast for some, while others are finding it in pretty bad taste.

Programmer Tyler Saling from Boise released the game along with some help from Spacebar as an actual arcade cabinet game. The story is based on the gorilla Harambe who was killed when a zookeeper shot the animal after an infant entered its cage. Some say the game is in poor taste, in that it's reenacting the death of an animal that comes from real life. Saling has words for those who are offended:

I think someone who is ultimately offended by this game may need to question themselves a little bit and maybe question their morals. Why am I offended by a pixelized gorilla being shot?

Saling says he isn't trying to offend anybody. More so he's expressing his distaste for zoos, stemming from the death of Harambe.

'Harambe Kong' is the first part of a planned trilogy.

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