Remember when we didn't think we'd get a White Christmas? Mother Nature must of talked to her son Snowmiser into letting a little of the white stuff fall into the Treasure Valley. 

On December 23, it wouldn't be uncommon to see flocks of men heading toward stores like Sephora and Ulta at the last minute hoping to find the perfect gift for the special lady in their life.  This year, they (and many women too) were flocking to stores you wouldn't expect to find last minute shoppers at: D&B, Home Depot, Lowes...anywhere that carries shovels, de-icers or snow blowers.

According to Channel 2, many people in the Treasure Valley were holding off on buying their snow supplies because we hadn't had a big storm early in the season like we did last year.  Many thought the prediction of a winter like last year's happening two year's in a row was bonk. It wasn't until the flakes started to fly Friday during the Famous Idaho Potato bowl that reality set in.

The news channel talked to a D&B store in Boise that said they went from fully stocked with shovels, de-icer, hand spreaders and more on Friday to having a limited stock available.

Obviously a shovel and de-icer will be hard to come by on Christmas Day, but if you don't have those items hiding in your garage act fast when the stores re-open on the 26th! You don't want to pray to the Amazon gods, hoping they can ship you one quickly so that you can get out of your driveway again this year!

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