If you didn't watch Chandler Hutchison get selected in the first round of the NBA Draft Thursday night you missed a proud moment for Boise State, Boise State Fans and the Mountain West Conference.

I'm not talking about the fact Hutchison became the first Boise State player ever drafted in an NBA first round, I'm not talking about his statistics and potential, I'm talking about the way he handled everything.

2018 NBA Draft
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First of all he looked sharp! He wore the tuxedo look with style and simply represented everything good about Boise State basketball, coach Leon Rice and Boise.

Every time he was interviewed he was humble and articulate, what an example of hard work for any athlete to emulate.

Boise State now joins an elite group of schools to have an NBA and NFL first round pick in the same year. Leighton Vander Esh was an NFL first round pick to the Dallas Cowboys and Leighton wasted no time in tweeting Hutchison a BSU Go-Hutch!

BSU's two first round picks also share something else in common as no one handed them their first round selections, they earned it with hard work and dedication.

That may sound trite but while talented athletes neither had the "right stuff" naturally and both had to develop physically and mentally to realize their dreams.

The fact that Chandler and Leighton are both great people who always looked forward to dealing with those of us in the press is just the topping to their stories.

The first time I ever met Chandler he had no clue who I was but as I waited for coach Rice before practice Hutch walked by me he shook my hand and said "Hi sir, I'm Chandler Hutchison welcome to practice".



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