I love soccer but not to the point where I'm glued to the television watching World Cup action from Russia.

Maybe if team USA had qualified it would be different but they didn't so my interest is casual at best.

Despite the fact I love the game I've never really accepted all of the soccer rules. Offside can be so subjective it becomes hard to discern. Soccer should add a "blue line" like hockey and once the ball and players cross the line, anything goes!

Penalty kicks can be too harsh especially when the call comes just inside the box and there was no way the player was even thinking of shooting but get a PK anyway. PK's are a game breaker unless the penalty was right in front of the net and egregious, like the defender saying it was my only choice!

That being said, I love how soccer players and coaches live in their own little world and even in this day of political correctness they push the boundaries.

South Korea coach Shin Tae-Young recently made his players wear multiple jersey numbers during their workouts in Austria after learning a Swedish coach had rented a home near the center and could see the South Koreans training field from his window.

I have no problem with that strategy but I was surprised at coach Tae-Young's honest response when asked by Korean reporters  why he switched jersey numbers.

Tae-Young said he believed westerners had "trouble distinguishing between Asians".

That's right, Young was saying to westerners all Asians look alike and by switching jersey numbers if anyone was watching practice they couldn't tell one player from the other.

It may not be the most politically correct statement that has even been spoken but you have to love the honesty.

Sweden won the game 1-0 They were the team in the Blue and Yellow uniforms and there is no truth to the rumor South Korean players were confused because all the Swedes had blond hair!

Up next for the Koreans is Germany and then Mexico.




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