I remember my college football playing days and as a defensive back I'd look over at the lineman, watch how they just clobbered each other during practice and say to myself, sure glad I'm not a lineman!

Honestly, where would any team be without lineman. Legendary TV announcer Keith Jackson used to call lineman "The Big Uglies" and they loved that moniker.

Offensive lineman knew that without them doing their job the fly boys in the backfield, namely the running backs and quarterbacks could never run for glory and ultimately prom king!

That's why it's significant Boise State has received a commitment from it's first offensive lineman for the class of 2019.


Jacob Golden is 6-6 and 280 pounds and as a senior at Peoria High in Arizona,  is just a baby. This toddler however had offers from Washington State, San Diego State and Harvard among others.

The Harvard interest speaking to his smarts as well as his athletic ability. Golden is listed as a 3 star recruit and has the ingredients to become another in the line of top Bronco lineman.


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