At 11:57 a.m. on Monday, June 5th, Idaho history changed. 42 years ago this week, the largest natural disaster in Idaho history occurred with the collapse of the Teton Dam near Rexburg. The collapse spilled over 80 billion gallons of water into the Snake River Calley. Fourteen people and 13,000 cattle lost their lives. The collapse cost over a billion dollars in 1976. This wasn't just the biggest Idaho disaster, but one of the largest dam collapses ever in the world.

This tragedy completely flooded the towns of Sugar City, Wilford, and Rexburg destroying over 4,000 homes. It was a miracle that more people didn't lose their lives thanks to the quick response of first responders.

The craziest part is that it could all have been simply avoided. But because nothing like this had ever happened, engineers never believed that anything like this could happen so warning signs were ignored.

The collapse of the Teton Dam shook the entire country due to its widespread consequences…over 300 square miles plus countless property and land were completely demolished in its wake. Today, forty-one years later, this horrific disaster is still remembered by locals and family members alike who lived through it to rebuild their land and lives again.

Thanks to you can check out pictures of the aftermath of this incredible disaster by clicking the link below.



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