The NFL is the dream of every kid growing up who ever loved football. The reality is the NFL is for an elite few, the best of the best but that's not saying it isn't worth a try.

That why players like former Boise State tight end Jake Roh signed a free agent deal with the Atlanta Falcons. Since he wasn't drafted this was his best, maybe only shot to play on Sunday.

However the Falcons have released Roh and now he has to hope his phone rings from another team in need of the tight end.

Roh was Boise State's leading touchdown receiver last year with 9 scores, he also rushed for a pair of touchdowns.

But while Roh is now wondering about his future, former BSU running back Doug Martin is making the best of his second NFL chance by performing well with the Oakland Raiders.

Martin is from Stockton and that familiar feeling seems to be helping Martin with his focus following rough times in Tampa Bay.

Suspensions and rehab don't necessarily mean a second chance in the NFL because there is always someone ready to take your place. Martin says being close to family has really helped and the Raiders have taken note saying his quickness is impressive.

By the way, there are now 20 former Boise State players still on NFL rosters as the league holds summer camps.



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