On Sunday June 24th the Warm Springs Golf Course in Boise will celebrate the Longest Day in Golf with a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association of Idaho.

The longest day of golf is only possible because June 24th is the longest day of the year. On the flip side, the days start getting shorter as we head back towards fall and winter on Monday.

Now that my Debbie Downer attitude has surfaced lets just enjoy the longest day of the year and a great chance to play golf and raise money for research.

Gentleman this is not your cue to play golf from sunrise to sunset Sunday unless the boss says it's okay, although I've done exactly that on several occasions years ago.

Way back when this baby boomer had more "boom", I was invited to play as many holes of golf as I could on the longest day of the year, ergo, the longest day of golf.

The invite was from a good friend Jerry Breaux who was the pro at the Hillcrest Country Club at the time. Mr. Breaux, that's what he prefers I call him, now spends his days running The Banbury Golf Course in Eagle among others.

We teed off just as the sun came up over the foothills and took our last putts as we could barely see the cup in the setting rays of a very long day.

We had played 108 holes, that's six rounds of golf. Mr. Breaux was still reaching greens in regulation and knocking down putts from everywhere.

I on the other hand was there for the mere entertainment purposes of fellow participants. I wasn't sure how to prepare for 108 holes of golf in one day but it wouldn't have mattered if I did.

Somewhere after four rounds my forearms began to cramp, my fingers could barely grip the club, nor straighten out after I let go.

There was no place to hide on the golf course, my shot would find you. Your best bet not to get hit was to stand in the fairway or on the green.

I got the shanks and things went from ugly to humorous.

Eventually we reached the final hole, a simple par three reachable with a pitching wedge. The one issue was water. Tee to green there was water and I had already visualized where my shot would end up.

So did Mr. Breaux. As I stood over my shot, eyed the pin, slowly began my backswing and then with hip rotation seldom witnessed on a golf course, I made contact!

Make that partial contact as the ball skidded into the water along with half a dozen other golf balls that my playing partners threw into the pond in an orchestrated celebration that this was the last hole they had to play with me.

Normally I would have been emotionally crushed but they were laughing so hard I decided to give them their moment.

Later I wondered....How did they know my ball was going to get wet?

Then I realized, if nothing I was consistent! Yes sir, that's exactly what I took from my longest day of golf!



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