The weather was frightful and the outcome for Bronco fans wasn't delightful as Boise State lost 19-16 to Fresno State in the Mountain West football championship game.

Now with a couple of days to step back and review the overall season, Boise State fans and players have a lot be be excited about, including a new bowl experience in Dallas December 26th.

A 10-3 record given the parity of college football these days and the increased stretch of schedule for the Broncos is another sign of continued success. BSU, having been dealt numerous key injuries on defense and a few on offense, put together a 7 game win streak and will head to a bowl game for the 18th consecutive year.

Because of their 10 wins Boise State was able to gain an at-large berth in the First Responders Bowl to be played in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Boise State took that spot because the Big-10 didn't have enough bowl eligible teams to provide the Dallas venue with a team. Boston College of the ACC vs. Boise State became a sought after commodity.

Boston College officials calling the Broncos a "storied program" and best possible opponent! The Eagles and Broncos have met in a bowl game before, that was 2005 at Bronco Stadium with the Eagles winning 27-21.

Boise State also finished the season in every top 25 college football poll. 25th in the College Playoff poll, 23rd according to Associated Press and 24th in the Coaches Poll.

If 10-3, a Top 25 finish and headed to a Bowl game for the 18th straight year...soubnds like a winner to me!




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