Hank Bachmeier, a 6-3 190 pound senior quarterback from Valley High in Murrieta, California felt like most Californians when they come to Boise, right at home!

Bachmeier comes with bonus points, he's a four-star football recruit who has already thrown for more than 10,000 career yards and 124 touchdowns with a year to play.

After two visits to Boise Bachmeier called bronco coach Bryan Harsin this week and committed to Boise States 2019 recruiting class.

That's a big deal because Bachmeier is being recruited by SEC and Pac-12 teams and now the quest for Boise State is to get Bachmeier to sign on the dotted line because there's no doubt the Power 5 teams interested will keep trying to sway his mind until he does.

Bachmeier gives two reasons why I think he'll stick to his guns and become a Bronco. Reason one: He likes the fact Boise State puts players in the NFL.

Reason two: He has a chance to start immediately.

Not only did Bachmeier feel at peace on his trips to Boise, he is very aware that Boise State has become an NFL pipeline and that Brett Rypien's career at BSU ends in 2018.

In short, the stars have all aligned for Bachmeier who for the time being has broken hearts from Georgia to Ole Miss and Tennessee to Cal, Oregon State, Washington State and more.

He is the second highest ranked recruit in Boise State history, the first was safety Dylan Sumner-Gardner and how did that work out?

Recruiting is funny game, you never know when you'll hit the jackpot but in this case, Bachmeier is a chance worth taking.


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