Temperatures in the 80's greeted a packed ladies night crowd at Meridian Speedway over the weekend. The card featured some exciting main events for the NASCAR Modifieds who opened the night with a 30 lap main and closed the racing with a 35 lap finale.

Bryan Warf, who missed qualifying replacing a blown engine, won the first NASCAR Main but the second main event went to Chris Fenton who survived a series of crashes that left pretty much every car with a dent or two.

Here are the official results from Saturday race card and be sure to listen for the Meridian Speedway Hot laps report every Thursday on Sports Radio 630 The Fan.

Meridian Speedway

Saturday’s Unofficial Results

Ladies Night


Main Events

Pit Stop USA NASCAR Modifieds #1 (30 laps)-1. Bryan Warf 2. Jonathan Hull 3. Casey Tillman 4. Josh Jackson 5. Tommy Harrod

Pit Stop USA NASCAR Modifieds #2 (35 laps)-1.Chris Fenton 2.Josh Jackson 3.Larry Hull 4.Jonathan Hull 5.Casey Tillman

Teleperformance Claimers (30 laps)-1.Todd Seaver 2.Pat Tully 3.Kendra Occhipinti 4.Taylor Occhipinti 5.Josh Fanopoulos

Coors Super Stocks (30 laps)-1.Josh Jackson 2.Melissa Arte 3.Gale Carter 4.Chuck Youngblood 5.Ron Hayes

Domino’s Legends (25 laps)-1.Ethan Jones 2.Evan Brown 3.Zach Telford 4.Ken Frickey 5.Brok Kidd

Junior Stingers (20 laps)-1.Rusty Houpt 2.Jodi Moen 3.Bailey Fanopoulos 4.Logan Castricone 5.Cody Castricone

Heat Races

(8 laps each)

Teleperformance Claimers

A Heat-1. Josh Fanopoulos 2. Todd Seaver 3. Rich Lawson 4. Pat Tully 5. Kendra Occhipinti

B Heat-1. Micky Lawson 2. Scott Lawson 3. Greg Croasdale 4. Jamie Hyde 5. Scott Cooper

Coors Super Stocks

A Heat-1. Tommy Harrod 2. Pat Tully 3. Gale Carter 4. Melissa Weaver-Arte 5. Ron Hayes

B Heat-1. Chuck Youngblood 2. Hunter Gates 3. Josh Riparetti 4. Josh Jackson

Domino’s Legends

A Heat-1. Evan Brown 2. Ethan Jones 3. Zach Telford 4. Gary Luck 5.Charlie Fiscus

 (6 laps each)

Junior Stingers

A Heat-1. Rusty Houpt 2. Hannah Scott 3. Cody Castricone 4. Jessica Harris

B Heat-1. Jody Moen 2. Logan Castricone 3. Bailey Fanopoulos


Pit Stop USA NASCAR Modifieds-Chris Fenton, 13.882 seconds

Teleperformance Claimers-Todd Seaver, 14.973 seconds

Coors Super Stocks-Melissa Weaver-Arte, 14.344 seconds

Domino’s Legends-Ethan Jones, 14.595 seconds

Junior Stingers-Cody Castricone, 17.153 seconds


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