Saturday night is Smash-O-Rama night at Meridian Speedway and that means pretty much what you'd expect.

Track manger Adam Nelson is bringing back for the first time since 1998, 20 years ago, a true Demolition Derby!

The nice thing is the rules haven't changed. When the green flag drops every driver is free to beat the tar out of one another until there is only one car running and that is your winner!

If the demolition derby doesn't crank your racing chain then how about the boat races? Spoiler alert, the boats never come out of this race with the ability to stay afloat.

If that's not enough how about Mr. Dizzy the stuntman. He crashes, jumps and sets cars and sometimes himself on fire, all for your entertainment. Nelson tells me he's a great stuntman and I say he must be because he's still alive!

If your more of a purest race fan there will be regular wheel to wheel door slamming action in several classifications and to top it off, when the racing is done there'll be a fireworks show in the infield.

As Nelson tells me, Saturday May 12th at Meridian speedway will be silly good awesome a trifecta of fun for race fans of all ages.


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