Boise State is having little trouble attracting a crowd for Saturdays showdown with Wyoming on the Blue. They have fewer than 3,000 tickets remaining and expect a walkup crowd to take care of those.

Wait a minute, isn't this an 8:15 p.m. kickoff and isn't there a 50% chance of rain showers? The answer to both is yes!

So why all of a sudden the interest in a late night Saturday kickoff under rainy skies?

Winning is the medicine that trumps all late night ills. Not just winning but make a statement type win like Boise State did last week at San Diego State. Before the game the Aztecs were upset because they were ranked #19 and 6-0 but it seemed to them the entire Mountain West was still all about the Broncos.

I will admit in past years it was Boise State ranked #19 and 6-0 not their opponents but just as it seemed the worm was about to turn Boise State reminded everyone, including themselves, they're still Boise State!

I mentioned the game at San Diego might well be a season defining game and while that is yet to be seen, there was a whole new attitude around the Bronco football facilities this past week and with ticket sales moving fast, obviously Bronco fans feel it too. Maybe a momentum swing or maybe just the fact that 16 new starters from a year ago are growing up. Youth and enthusiasm is a wonderful commodity but experience makes all the difference and Boise State players are finally figuring it out.

If Brett Rypien ever breaks out of his funk, watch out! His play has been the hardest to figure because he is such a talent that one has to believe for him right now it's more mental than physical. Plus, with his backs, lineman and receivers getting better Rypien doesn't need to be mister everything but rather just the Brett Rypien we've come to know.

Wyoming brings a talented quarterback in Josh Allen, some say a potential top 5 NFL drafty pick but if BSU plays with the same attitude they did last week, Allen could struggle mightily just like Rashaad Penny.

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