Traffic complaints in the Treasure Valley aren't a new concept, but how bad is it exactly?

It might feel like every year, traffic gets a little more backed up around here. Be it new businesses moving downtown, Californians relocating to Meridian, or a whole miriad of factors. Truth is, traffic in the Boise area is much much better than in most cities.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Idaho drivers spend an average of 19 minutes behind the wheel. While that might seem like a lot, the national average is just over 25 minutes, so we're far below the norm. The numbers are even smaller in and around Boise, with drivers spending an average of 17 minutes on their daily commute.

While the time for driving is short, the amount of people driving is extremely high. Almost 80% of Idahoans driver to work, while only 2% walk, and less than 1% use public transportation. To put that in perspective, around 5% of Americans use public transportation to get to and from work daily.

So next time we get a little extra road rage because of a backup on 1-84, just remember it could be much worse.

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