Tom Brady and the phrase "picture perfect" go hand in hand. But they didn't always.

The New England Patriots quarterback posted a photo of himself a kid with some, uh, questionable hair. It's a high school photo taken some time in the '90s, a time when this look may have been considered cool.

Brady has five Super Bowls, a supermodel wife and some super endorsement deals. So, yeah, he has a super life, which is why the people of New England worship him and those who loathe the Patriots despise him. But it's nice to know that the guy who has everything didn't always. Not only didn't he have everything, it looks like he didn't even have a comb.

Who knew Brady could poke fun at himself? His fans will get a chuckle at this, while his detractors will either laugh at him or point to how smug he is to point out how dorky he was because Brady isn't just smug -- he's super smug.

Seriously, Brady looks like Kramer from Seinfeld with a touch of Vanilla Ice's anger-filled grimace thrown in for added effect. Take a look for yourself.

Michael Richards, Vanilla Ice
Sony Pictures Television, Getty Images

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