Dutch Bros has been serving coffee and other forms of deliciousness for over 15 years including dozens of locations here in the Treasure Valley. Most people like my wife, who loves her Dutch Bros. have their favorite drink and the baristas are so good that most of the locations that she visits, know her car, name and her drink: Regular Iced Mocha with extra Ice. But for the adventuresome, Dutch Bros. has a huge secret menu, which after reading this, will no longer be very secret any longer.

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After being founded in Grants Pass, Oregon, Dutch Bros. now has over 230 locations in the western U.S. Over the years they’ve built an extremely loyal following of coffee lovers just like my wife who loves the amazingly happy customer service. My wife though has just one drink:  Regular Iced Mocha with extra Ice….and don’t be nice and put it in a large cup because of all that extra Ice….and don’t put in just a few cubes of extra ice….that will really make her upset…she has one specific way she likes her Iced Mocha and you best not screw it up.

For those of us, who like to try something new every once in a while here is a HUGE list of secret menu drinks that you can find on your next trip to Dutch Bros.  Would love to hear how you rate drink on the secret menu, so please post in our comments section below or on our Facebook page

Here are a few examples of some of the more unique drinks on the secret menu. For a full list, click on the link below.


  1. Ba-Nay-Nay: This is a dark chocolate and banana mocha with whipped cream on top.
  2. Banana Bread: This drink is a breve made with hazelnut and creme de banana syrup.  Wondering what a breve is? It’s like a latte, but instead of milk, it’s steamed with half-and-half.
  3. Bob Marley: Order this and you get a Cocomo (dark chocolate and coconut) with a banana thrown in. It’s a heavenly combination that would make the Rasta legend proud.
  4. The Wallaby: This is a carmel, chocolate macadamia nut, and dark chocolate mocha. Go nutty peeps.
  5. The Dirty Macchiato: Order this and you’ll get a breve with English toffee and caramel.
  6. Pocahontas: This drink includes caramel, white chocolate and dark chocolate. If you would like it the way it used to be made, order a “Carmel white mocha” and everyone will know what you want. The Pocahontas is named that because she’s the caramel and John Smith is the white chocolate.
  7. Dirty Caterpillar: This is a smoothie made with green apple and of course, caramel.
  8. Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea: I might throw in a #9 when I order it. It’s green tea infused with lime, passion fruit, and strawberry.


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