It's not exacting breaking news but the Treasure Valley had one of the worst winters in our state's history. With the deep snow that piled up for months, it created snow mold in the process.

Snow mold formed on Boise lawns as well as our city's best golf courses. You've seen it, a circular straw colored patch of grass that continues to enlarge as the grass remains cold and wet.

Even though we're almost done with snow for the winter, snow mold can stay active as long as the grass is wet and temperatures are below 60 degrees. With Treasure Valley weather remaining 50 or below for the next 10 days, snow mold will continue to grow throughout our area.

Area golf courses did spray their greens in November to help protect that grass but otherwise there isn't much you can do top prevent snow mold or to get rid of it once it shows up. Homeowners and business owners that find snow mold on their property will just have to wait until the mold dies.

Luckily, the damage caused by snow mold is seldom serious. Because of this, fungicides are not recommended because they don't really work and can put animal lives in danger.

If you have snow mold, it's suggested owners rake the affected areas to promote drying and prevent further fungal growth. Affected areas are just a little slower to green up which happens once the temperature climbs above 45 degrees and the grass dries out.

If you like spring golf, expect area golf courses to have some snow mold in their fairways until mother nature decides to bring out the sun and turn up the heat. This year snow mold is just par for the course.

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