As we approach another Mothers Day it never ceases to amaze me the power of mom in life and sports.

As a dad I always wondered why when one of my kids called and I answered the phone the first thing they'd say to me "is mom there?"

I watch as athletes are interviewed after a big game or play and they end the interview with "Hi Mom!"

Mom,. Mom, Mom, it's always Mom! Then again, mom has earned that right because she's always there to lend an ear of sympathy, support and to set us straight.

When we decide to try sports, she's also there to become bus driver, team manager, head cheerleader and the first to give a congratulatory or encouraging hug depending on the final score.

Dads are great we love to say the kids got "our" athletic ability and we always have great advice for the coach but Mom is the real brain behind our sports careers.

She knows that despite treading becoming team manager that by doing so your playing time will increase. While Dad has a business meeting he can't miss, Mom will always change her schedule and find time to get everyone to practice or make sure uniforms are ready and all the little details are taken care of.

Once after many Mothers Days sitting on the sideline at a soccer tournament I asked my wife wouldn't it be nice to not watch soccer on Mothers Day. Hold your tongue I was told and enjoy being with your son, it won't last forever and besides this is the only place I want to be on Mothers Day.

That's why when the phone rings and it's one of my kids I know there first question will be "is mom there"

Yep, a Happy Mothers day to all those moms who have devoted their time, love, energy and passion to help us succeed in all we attempt to accomplish.

Thanks Coach Mom.


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