Not to be confused with "Naked Gardening Day" - cause that could be...well...just awkward! No...this is different!

We're talking about National PUBLIC Gardening Day (be careful how you spell that) and it's this Friday, May 12th! The Idaho Botanical Gardens will be open all day on Friday, May 12th from 9am - 7pm, with no admission charge!

If you've never been to the Idaho Botanical Gardens, take advantage of the day and go check it out for free!. Follow the trail to the top and check out the spectacular view of the downtown Boise area and the rest of the valley!

The event is designed to be a national day of celebration and to raise awareness of America’s public gardens and the role they play in promoting environmental stewardship and awareness, plant and water conservation and education.

Plants will be also be available for purchase in the Garden Store!

So go....and stop and smell the roses!

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