Despite stories about delays with refunds this year, most of the experts seem to think you'll get your tax refund within 21 days of the time you file.  And if taxes stress you out, you may be able to get some free help in Boise.

The Boise Public Library is offering free tax prep services again this year, starting tomorrow, February 1.  Once you have your documents gathered up, those meetings allow you to sit down and get your tax questions answered face-to-face instead of scouring the internet for answers.  Stress reliever.  This free tax prep runs Wednesday afternoons from February 1 through April 12th from 12pm to 4:15pm, and they ask that you get there before 3pm so they have enough time to work on the return.

If you get a jump on things and your tax return is filed this week, one expert says based on refund schedules in past years, you can expect this year's refund to hit your account by direct deposit February 10th.  The paper refund check would be mailed February 13th. That seems quick!  Even if there are delays, the general expectation is that you'll receive your refund within 21 days or less from the time you file.

And if there's no refund in the cards and you have to pay taxes this year, well, you have a couple of extra days to procrastinate.  The deadline is usually April 15th, but because of holidays and Sundays, you have until April 18th this year.

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