Thinking of changing jobs or careers anytime soon? Don't, until you check out the list of Idaho's fastest growing jobs. For good or bad, Idaho is growing in one way or another, including our work force.

According to almost any list that has been published in the past few years Idaho is a state that is on the cutting edge of growth, both for population and new jobs.

Some of those Idaho jobs that were popular just a few decades ago have either gone away or are on their way out. (Think mining…logging and even to a lesser extent farming and ranching) Those were all big careers in the last century. Now, not so much. How much change will we see in the next 50 years? It’s a pretty good guess that the following top ten list will change dramatically.

But as for today…this year based on the number crunchers at here is a list of the ten fastest growing jobs in Idaho this year.

(Click on each job to see descriptions and average salary)



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