Members of the media are arriving from across the country to cover the first and second rounds of the NCAA Basketball tournament at Taco Bell arena. This is not my first rodeo and so I can say with confidence, once each media member has his or her credentials in hand, it's time to check the treats!


That's right the one thing the sports media likes more than a great game is a free meal! It may start with fruit and cookies but it gets better around lunch and diner time and if you ever needed to find a specific member of the media the mess hall is the place to search. In our defense there is little precious time to eat when your writing or recording stories and interviews and meeting deadlines so having food available to snack on keeps our minds refreshed and ready for the next story line. At least that's how we like to think it works. Once again kudos to Boise State staff and officials who every everything running like clockwork. It's been a while since the last NCAA Tournament was in town and while the BSU personnel has changed the efficiency is top notch. When you think that hundreds of media types are here from eight different parts of the country and every one of them has special needs, TV, newspaper, radio, social media we all have certain professional needs to get the job done. In talking to the BSU volunteers and staff this is a 24-7 job through Saturday and no stone can be left unturned. Just when one fire is put out another erupts. That's just dealing with media needs once the players and fans arrive March madness is in full bloom.


Just thinking about the weekend ahead makes me hungry....I'm going to check and see if there are any more cookies!!!

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