The goods news is the likes of Kentucky, Gonzaga, Arizona and Ohio State are among the eight teams coming to Boise for the first round and second rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament

The bad news, it's going to cost Boise fans in the wallet! TickPick is an online marketplace where fans can buy tickets and today they released the average pricing for tickets to first round NCAA action across the country.

Yep, Boise is the most expensive. Now maybe you know someone or have some connections so you can get a great deal but according to TickPick their average ticket for the Kentucky-Davidson or Arizona-Buffalo games is $489. Ouch!

Gonzaga-UNC Greensboro or Ohio State-South Dakota State are a more reasonable $380.

Another online ticket buying location is StubHub where prices in Boise range from $300 to $700.

So Boise is the most expensive ticket in the NCAA first round, the cheapest is in Pittsburgh where the average price is just under $100.

Remember, Wednesday all practices are open and free to the general public. Each practice is 40 minutes and usually the teams just walk around but since you paid nothing, there's no expectations.

As far as Thursdays first round action remember, it's all televised. Can you say "Sick Day."

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