Houston Nutt spent just one season as the head football coach at Boise State and that was 1997. It seems like Nutt was in Boise much longer mostly because of his charismatic personality. His demeanor worked for and against him.

Some folks in Boise called Nutt a "used car salesman" especially after he abruptly left Boise in the cover of darkness for Arkansas. I worked closely with Houston anchoring his coaches show and he certainly had a "game face" but was always a straight shooter with me.

Nutt went 74-48 at Arkansas before leaving for Mississippi where he coached from 2008-11. Ole Miss was just 24-26 under Nutt and there was an NCAA on going investigation and finally everything reached a head and Nutt was fired.

Nutt also feels he was the scape goat and that school officials made false statements about him during the investigation. The suit alleges that new head coach Hugh Freeze created a false narrative in an effort to blame Nutt for the NCAA investigation.

His civil lawsuit also alleges breach of his severance agreement and claims Ole Miss athletic officials were determined to deflect and delay any potential damage from the NCAA investigation.

Nutt is asking for compensatory and punitive damages for lost wages, emotional distress and attorney fees.

Ole Miss officials say they haven't seen the suit but "will carefully review coach Nutt's claims and respond in due course."

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