Update on Pratt's condition.

On July 3rd Michelle Pratt and her cousin were riding an ATV when the brakes failed and they went over a 300 foot cliff.

Pratt a track star from Blackfoot and the three time reigning 800M and two time 1600M champion at the 4A State Track and Field meet, signed with Weber State to further were track career but now she was at the base of a 300 foot cliff badly injured. Her cousin Danielle Lewis fractured a femur and amazingly the two were still alive.

Pratt however suffered a torn artery which caused a stroke, broke her hand and fractured a vertebra. She was taken to ICU where a blood clot near her brain was a major concern.

Pratt has now been moved out of ICU and into a private room after procedures to break up any blot clots did the trick and her headache is gone. Pratt will still need therapy for her left side where she lost feeling that has since started to return.

In short it is a miracle either girl survived and while her track career at Weber State is in limbo at the moment the fact that she is able to walk now and continues to show progress is a testament to her conditioning and determination.




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